VA loans

How to Get 2 VA Loans

What’s A VA Loan? The VA loan is provided through the Department of Veterans Affairs. It is arguably the best…

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Principal Reduction

Principal Reduction

What is a Principal Reduction? A principal reduction happens in some unique situations where there is too much credit. If…

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fha self sufficency rule

FHA Self Sufficiency Rule

What is the fha self sufficiency rule? The FHA Self Sufficiency Rule applies to FHA borrowers looking to finance a…

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multifamily housing

Buying Multifamily Housing with Low Down Payment

Is multifamily housing right for you? We are constantly told that investing in real estate can help build long term…

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19.99% Down Payment

How a 19.99% Down Payment Could Be Better than 20%

Down Payment Most everyone has heard at some point that if you’re buying a home, you should put 20% down.…

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how to get your offers accepted

How to Get Your Offer Accepted

So you put in an offer on a home The market is extremely hot right now, with lots of potential…

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Mortgage Rates

How Are Mortgage Rates Determined?

First, What is a rate? When we say “Rate,” what we actually mean is “Interest Rate.” Simply, this is the cost…

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Loan Options from Modern Home Lending

What Loan programs do we offer? Loan programs are always changing. However, most of the core loan programs stay the…

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loan process

Loan Process Overview

1 – Application (before shopping) The first step of the loan process is to help you get pre-qualified. The application…

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FHA 203k Loans

FHA vs Conventional Loans – What’s the Difference?

FHA vs Conventional Loans – What’s the Difference? This feels like the age old question in the mortgage industry especially…

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