We're your mortgage team

a Few Words About us

Our mission

To simplify the mortgage process for our clients and teach about all loan options available. Our goal is to be technology-forward to be more efficient and pass along the savings to the consumer.

Fixing the problem

We believe that the typical mortgage process has become over-complicated. Fees are often very high and it's tough to get an accurate rate quote. Going through the pre-qualification process and getting a good deal shouldn't be difficult.

what to expect from us

What we're all about...


Financing your home is a large financial decision. We give you the personal service you deserve and treat you how we'd want to be treated.


We are upfront and honest with our quotes. There are no hidden fees or costs. No bait and switch tactics. We give full picture payment and cost quotes.


Processing and underwriting fees are a thing of the past with us. We setup our business with low overhead to pass along the saves to you.


We value education. With our employees, with our clients, and with our business partners. The more you know upfront, the easier the process is.


We designed our process to be more efficinet and quicker. We make it easy to move along through the process in a timely manner.


No one person's scenario is the same and we understand that. We're always willing to work to meet your needs the best we can.

our team

who will you work with?

Evan Einhorn

After 8 years in the real estate and mortgage industry, Evan founded Modern Home Lending with simple goals of offering great service and competitive rates. He is a local to Arizona and a W. P. Carey School of Business (ASU) graduate. As an avid traveler, you'll often catch him exploring the southwest and traveling across the US in his free time.

Bruce ladzinski

Native to Illinois, Bruce has spent over a decade here in the valley of the sun. He has worked on the retail, wholesale, and broker side of the mortgage industry. On weekends, you'll often find him exploring the outdoors and all that Arizona has to offer. Bruce's golf game is also one to be rivaled.

Tony Potts

Born and raised in Phoenix, Tony is a graduate of Arizona State University. He has spent the past 8 years in marketing, doing everything from SEO to video production. He's excited to use his talents to help people discover Modern Home Lending. Outside of work he is an actor, cinematographer, and co-founder of SmallDance Collective.